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Groovy Goods is your Des Moines Hippie Store!
Everything for the Hippie at Heart!

More Than a Modern Hippie Clothing Store

Groovy Goods is a Community. Welcome to the Groovy Tribe.
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Everything for the Hippie Lifestyle. Supporting Local Artisans & Music. Giving Back to Our Community.

More than just a store, Groovy Goods has a vision of community, a tribe, brought together by peace, love & rock ‘n roll, living the hippie lifestyle. When you come into the store, you’re greeted by one of our friendly staff and the smell of patchouli. You feel the positive energy of the salt lamps & healing stones. You’re drawn deeper into the store by the vibrant colors of the clothing and tapestries. You feel the love that can come only from a small store where everyone is focused on helping you find what you need to bring that groovy feeling home.

You’ve arrived to a place where everyone is welcome and where no one is judged. Where you can ask questions and get good advice, whether you’re putting a new outfit together, or are looking for natural remedies, or your next disc golf.

You’ll find the biggest selection of local glass creations, a wall devoted entirely to local music, new age and other community happenings.  You’ll also have a chance to participate in food and clothing drives, Toys for Tots and other charitable efforts. It’s groovy to give back to the community that has done so much to support this store over the years.

Groovy Goods Store in Des Moines

In Memoriam of Day Dreams

Keeping the legacy alive. Groovy Goods is honored to continue what Daydreams started more than 20 years ago. 

Groovy Goods is a new name on a store location that has a long and successful history of supporting the hippie lifestyle in Central Iowa. And the connections go even deeper. The owners of Daydreams, Kathy and Jerry, and the owner of Groovy Goods, Elaine, enjoyed a close friendship for many years. Kathy and Elaine met at Iowa State University in 1977, and were BFFs for more than 39 years before Kathy passed unexpectedly in December 2016. Elaine and Jerry became friends when he and Kathy got together in the early 1990s, until his death in early 2015.

The first Groovy Goods in Texas was inspired by Elaine’s experiences while visiting Daydreams, and was founded under the tutelage of Kathy and Jerry. When Kathy passed away, leaving Daydreams without a future, Elaine couldn’t let the store die, too. Legal issues prevented her from keeping the Daydreams name and the next logical choice was to rebrand it as Groovy Goods.

The name has changed but the spirit of the store and everything it stands for has not. Kathy and Jerry’s dream lives on here, in the store and in you, the people of Central Iowa, who made it all possible.

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