We have the largest selection of golf discs. Also find hemp-based products, lip balms, perfume oils, henna painting, and more cool, groovy stuff you can't find anywhere else!

More Groovy Goodies

  • Hemp Oil Lotions
  • tobacco pipes in des moines
  • Incense and Scents

Beauty & Body Products

Look beautiful naturally with hemp-based products for your skin and lips. Hemp oil has long been known for its superb skin moisturizing and skin protection qualities. We feature the Earthly Body line of hemp oil lotions in a variety of fragrances, including Dreamsicle, High Tide, Lavender, Skinny Dip, Nag Champa & Naked in the Woods. For those that prefer no fragrance in their moisturizer, there is even Unscented. Lotions are offered in a 1 oz trial size, so you can try them all to find your favorite, without spending a fortune.

Keep your lips protected and moisturized with Earhly Body lip balms, also made of high quality hemp oil, in flavors like Guavalava, Dreamsicle, Skinny Dip & Spearmint. Cleanse & moisturize with all-natural soaps in scents like Nag Champa, Egyptian Goddess, Rain Forest & more.

Enjoy your favorite fragrance all day long with long-lasting, high-quality perfume oils by Auric Essences, Satya & Spiritual Sky in a wide variety of popular scents – Egyptian Goddess, Nag Champa, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla, Dragon’s Blood & Opium – as well as special blends, including Love, African Musk & Majik.

Body decoration with all-natural Henna painting has been practiced for more than 5000 years in India, Pakistan, Africa & the Middle East. Henna is a plant from which a reddish-orange dye can be made to safely & temporarily stain the skin. We carry do-it-yourself Henna kits for the aspiring Henna artist, or for the customer who wants to enhance their look using this ancient art. Bindis – body jewels – also offer a temporary, but eye-catching, body decoration & are available in a variety of colors & designs.

  • Colored Frisbees
  • Ultimate Frisbees
  • Multi-Colored Frisbees

Central Iowa’s Disc Golf Headquarters

You won’t find a larger selection of golf discs available 7 days a week all year long! After more than 15 years selling disc golf in this location, we’ve earned a reputation for being the go-to place for all levels of players. And, best of all, our discs are competitively priced!

For the beginner disc golfer we offer a nice selection of low to moderately-priced discs from manufactures like Innova & Discraft. More experienced players will appreciate the variety of higher priced & premium models from Prodigy, Millenium, Latitude, Proton, Legacy, Kastaplast, Westside Disc & Dynamic Disc. We’ve got them all: putters, approach discs, mid-range discs, hybrid drivers, distance drivers, fairway drivers. And, if we don’t have it, we can order it in for you!

Looking for Prodigy discs & accessories? We’re the ONLY local Prodigy dealer in the area! Prodigy discs are made for the competitive disc golfer, designed by World Title champions. Prodigy is known for disc flight consistency & accuracy, even at long distances.

You’ll also find disc golf accessories, from bags to towels & markers. You’ll find disc flight guides from all our manufacturers on display, as well as a friendly Team Member to help you pick out the perfect disc or accessory.

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More Cool Stuff

Like any good hippie store, you’ll find an eclectic collection of the unique, the nostalgic, and stuff you never even knew you needed!

Take our Cotton Mouth Candy, for example. Who knew you could cure dry mouth so deliciously? Our line of Sippin’ Syrup drinks & Browniezzz provide all natural relaxation & a good night’s sleep without side effects.

There are novelty gifts & games, plus seasonal goodies including ornaments & calendars. Find the perfect gift for the hippie on your list, or everything you need to throw a themed party. And there is always something new, so stop by often!